Transforming Overseas Customer Service Strategy: How to Ensure Quality Native Customer Service on Social Media Platforms in Varying Countries

Transforming Overseas Customer Service Strategy: How to Ensure Quality Native Customer Service on Social Media Platforms in Varying Countries

This vector image demonstrates the versatility of native customer service through social media platforms that meets customer's needs effectively and efficiently in any language, at any time - all to the end that brand growth and sales success - no matter the market - becomes a reality.

With social media’s popularity, overseas consumers are increasingly-choosing to communicate with businesses’ customer service (CS) teams through social media platforms. Correspondingly, companies are actively-transferring their CS teams to varying social media platforms within their target markets on a global level, striving to provide better service to their customers. Using social media to communicate with customers has become an important channel for companies to provide their services and interact with customers. This trend will continue to develop in the future.

For example:

  • In countries – such as the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia – commonly-used social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • In Japan, Japanese businesses are starting to provide customer support via Twitter – and, LINE Messenger is one of the social networking platforms with high usage frequency among Japanese consumers.
  • In France, Germany, and Malaysia, local companies prefer to provide customer service support on social platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • In Germany and Malaysia, WhatsApp is very popular.
  • In France, Facebook Messenger has become a preferred support channel for local consumers.
  • In Indonesia and Thailand, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LINE are commonly-used social media channels for customer support; however, LINE is one of the most popular chat applications in Indonesia – while, in Thailand, WhatsApp is very common.
  • In Russia, Russian companies prefer social media platforms such as: VKontakte, Facebook, and Instagram. VKontakte is one of the most popular of the group, and many companies use it for customer communication.

Customer Service on Social Media Platforms

Providing CS on social media platforms allows companies to communicate better with their customers and solve their problems/concerns in real-time. As a one-stop multilingual customer service outsourcing call center empowered by cloud-based, SaaS CRM technology, Callnovo can ensure immediate responses and high-quality CS for customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LINE, etc., and on various social media platforms for enterprises in different industries. This ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To better meet customer needs, Callnovo’s overseas multilingual CS team regularly-monitors customer feedback on social media and promptly responds to and solves customer problems. Callnovo can also provide customers with various self-service functions, such as self-service querying of order status, returns, refunds, and payment services to improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Customer Support for Various Industries

Callnovo’s native customer service team can provide customer support and services for enterprises in different industries –such: as e-Commerce, finance, tourism, education, games, medical, and logistics – and, the corresponding scenarios are mainly as follows:

Successful Cases and Data Comparison

Callnovo’s CS teams have provided high-quality services to customers in different industries and have achieved significant results; here is a successful case in the e-Commerce industry:

Callnovo has provided English-based CS for a Dutch eCommerce client, and the client has received a large number of orders and after-sales service requests on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, achieving many results.

  • Via high-quality native customer service on social media, Callnovo has successfully-improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, helping the client stand out in the fiercely-competitive e-Commerce market.
  • Customers can inquire about order status, logistics information, product issues, and returns and exchanges on social media platforms, receiving quick, professional responses. The e-Seller has employed professional English and Chinese CSRs through Callnovo’s Philippines operations center to handle customer requests.
  • Callnovo has monitored the eCommerce seller’s customer feedback on social media, responding to and solving customer problems promptly. According to Callnovo’s data statistics, the average response time of customers was less than 40 seconds, and customer satisfaction exceeded 90%.

In Callnovo’s customer satisfaction survey, e-Commerce seller’s customers were asked to evaluate provided services on social media, receiving the following feedback:

  • Professional service: Customers believe that CSRs are very professional and patient, providing clear, concise answers to questions, helping customers quickly and correctly-solving problems.
  • Fast responses: Customers are very satisfied with the seller’s quick response and handling of their problems.
  • Good customer experience: Customers believe the seller’s customer support provided through social media has provided them with a good shopping experience, increasing their loyalty.

Callnovo’s native customer service teams have provided customers with purchasing advice and information on discounts, helping customers complete more purchases – which increases sales and profits. Callnovo’s English CSRs have also provided professional and helpful solutions on social media platforms, establishing a good image of the brand in the minds of customers.


A customer service outsourcing team poses for the camera as they demonstrate how their social media customer support services are tailorable to meet varying business’ service needs.

As a one-stop multilingual call center outsourcing provider empowered by cloud-based, SaaS CRM technology, Callnovo provides popular social media CS via native customer service for enterprises in different industries around the world, including e-commerce, finance, tourism, education, medical, and logistics, etc. Callnovo’s native customer service teams have multilingual, omnichannel, and multi-skilled CS capabilities worldwide, providing tailored CS, solutions for customers, helping enterprises achieve greater success in the global market. Through the service cases and data comparison Callnovo provides to different businesses, they prove the importance of providing high-quality customer service and support on social media platforms, demonstrating Callnovo’s success and achievements in this field. Callnovo is committed to helping enterprises achieve business growth and success through high-quality CS and support.


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