Callnovo’s Top-Tier Customer Service Propels a Scooter Brand into the U.S. Market

Callnovo provides top-tier customer service via after-sales support to a well-known electric scooter manufacturer; to keep the brand name confidential, we’ll use the name ISCT. ISCT primarily manufactures electric scooters, electric bicycles, and hoverboards for different purposes and consumer groups. After establishing a strong presence in European markets – such as: the United Kingdom, Germany, and France – the brand shifted its attention to the North American market. In the European market, the brand has an in-house customer service team – however, the fast expansion of the brand in North America is only possible by deploying an omni-channel, multilingual, native-language-speaking, after-sales service contact center solution – that is, a top-tier customer service solution – that isn’t limited by time zone changes.

Callnovo’s Cooperation with the Scooter Brand (ISCT) and Provision of Top-tier Customer Service

Nowadays, global consumers have various requirements for pre-sales, after-sales, and product technical support services. When ISCT’s customers need assistance, they contact the company via its multilingual, after-sales service channels. Callnovo’s global top-tier customer service team is available 24/7 on behalf of ISCT to give consumers an outstanding customer service experience by swiftly resolving their problems.

Customer Service Demand in the U.S.

A smiling customer service agent poses for the camera, demonstrating one of the most important qualities of pleasant customer service: a friendly, customer-first mindset.

As an electric scooter brand with a European presence, numerous challenges had to be overcome to enter the American market. In particular, the customer support system in the US market is a pain point that the brand cannot avoid. Individual consumers would have to wait a long time for support because electric scooters require more extensive user training, and United States customers are highly critical of what constitutes pleasant customer service experiences – so, when customers feel that the queue time is excessive, they will hang up, file a complaint, and/or set their eyes on competitors’ products.

After understanding these challenges that this brand faced, Callnovo Contact Center established for the scooter brand an English-speaking top-tier customer service team with industry-level service experience at a nearshore facility close to the United States. Callnovo has been providing customer service via various support channels, including inbound/outbound calling, email, and live chat support, relieving the customer service pressure on ISCT in the US market and effectively reducing the product return rate and improving customer satisfaction.

Callnovo Contact Center – A Reliable Solution to Meet Your Needs

Callnovo’s online cycle of rapid, efficient, and high-quality customer care service is one of the main factors attracting organizations to seek collaboration. Callnovo has extensive service experience in 40+ industries and shares long-term cooperation with 1,200+ global organizations and small-to-medium businesses (SMEs) – with a deep talent pool and current team of 1,100+ multilingual customer service agents worldwide. Callnovo’s quality customer service representatives can swiftly-respond to customer service outsourcing requests and drastically reduce the customer service pressure on the brand. Their professionalism and service capabilities have been tested by time (with over 17 years of experience) and by global sales market – and, their services have been validated by hundreds of clients.

Callnovo has 15 overseas customer service locations worldwide that offer 65+ service languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others), local native language customer service, and CRM cloud communication system support. Our customer support representatives have flexible service schedules with no service schedule limitations and 24/7 omnichannel online service (800 customer service hotline support, email, SMS messaging, live web chat, social media, etcetera).

Technical Services and Personnel Training

Apart from pre-sales and post-sales services, the ISCT’s customer service team must also provide certain technical support services, so Callnovo puts considerable time and effort into screening, recruiting, training, and managing the customer service team. Customers in the United States are critical of customer service and prefer American-sounding phone calls and email replies. In the US, Callnovo has effectively built a native-speaking English customer service team that can meet the time difference, culture, language level, and communication needs of customers.

The customer service representatives Callnovo recruits has customer service experience and an understanding of the terminology used in the electric scooter sector. They grasp the service points in the product service training quickly and thoroughly, so they can deliver exceptional technical support services. The customer service team’s consistency ensures a high-quality service experience, analyzing each customer service rep’s performance regularly and working with them to improve service indicators promptly. All these actions ensure that the team’s service indicators meet the client’s KPI performance level expectations.

Extensive Knowledge on Products and the Customer Environment

A young man enjoys one of the scooters that are sold by the well-known scooter brand given the pseudonym ISCT.

Choosing a product that’s suitable for people looking to purchase electric scooters can be difficult. ISCT offers a variety of goods for diverse people, and these users are concerned about how the driving environment and road surface conditions affect the durability dynamics of the products. It’s important for customer care agents to be familiar with the particular product and service knowledge, as well as be able to view problems from the perspective of consumers.

Thoroughly understanding the dynamics and expectations of the customer experience helps customers to resolve their problems and delivers comprehensive answers to their questions, so a high-quality customer service team may not only sustain a company’s reputation – but, it also helps businesses to gain consumer admiration, improving brand value. Callnovo’s successful service operations experience in many industries has allowed it to retain a significant number of long-standing clients and has even led its global team to meet many new clients – recommended by its partners in that industry.


A young, smiling customer service agent provides for a scooter brand’s consumers superb, friendly tech. support, demonstrating the importance of scooter product and service knowledge in order to quickly and effectively meet customers’ service needs.

Callnovo has many more successful customer service stories just like the ISCT brand’s project. They assist those who have multilingual customer service outsourcing needs, as well as tech support needs. Callnovo’s Global Customer Service Outsourcing team is available 24/7 and continuously provides high-quality one-stop outsourcing operation solutions to any brand it works with.

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