How a Vietnamese Call Center Can Improve Customer Relations


Vietnamese Call Center

Worldwide, there are more than 4 million Vietnamese speakers found across the globe, most notably in East and Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and Western Europe. In fact, Vietnamese happens to be the 6th most spoken language in the US and 3rd most spoken language in Texas alone! That means chances are pretty good that a decent portion of your customer base speaks this language. Having a Vietnamese call center can help you accommodate this market segment and improve your customer relations. Here’s how.


The fact is, traditional Vietnamese culture places a high value on civility; however, consumers are not always forthcoming about their objections. This can make it much more challenging to deliver quality customer care and support. Having a Vietnamese call center with agents who speak in the same native tongue as callers allow you to better serve your Vietnamese-speaking customers.


Vietnamese shoppers are also known for being wary of spending money online without a physical retail experience. For online retailers, e-commerce and m-commerce providers, this presents another big obstacle to overcome. Offering support in the same language, along with agents who have the same shared social values and understanding of the nation’s diverse cultures and nuances can go a long way toward developing a sense of trust with your clientele – a trust that can lead to increased sales over time.


Another noteworthy point is that 40% of Vietnamese natives are under the age of 25. They are also an incredibly mobile-friendly culture, with 125 million mobile connections and 58% of Vietnamese online purchases being made on a mobile device. Offering support and service via a Vietnamese call center can address this younger, more mobile market segment with multi-channel options, like social media and live chat support. Meeting your customers where they are is an important component of keeping them satisfied and coming back for more.


If your business is located elsewhere, such as a part of the world where the time zone and hours of operation are different from that of Vietnam, outsourcing your sales and service to a Vietnamese call center will allow you to provide seamless support regardless of where your physical business is located. For instance, your call center agents can be on call even when your local office is closed for the evening. You can also opt to provide 24/7 support if desired to further add value to your clientele.


Finally, having a Vietnamese call center in place can provide you with unprecedented access to one of the world’s fastest growing emerging economies. Serving customers in their native tongue and accommodating their cultural differences will help you strengthen your ties and establish a presence for your brand that is favored amongst those in the Vietnamese-speaking market sector.


What are you waiting for? Outsource your sales, customer service and tech support with us and let us assist your growth in the Vietnamese language market. Request a free quote today to get started!

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