Callnovo’s Vietnamese outsourced call center enables you to access one of the world’s fastest growing emerging economies, Vietnam. Outsource your Vietnamese Sales, Customer Service and Tech Support with us and we will assist your growth in the Vietnamese language market.

What Callnovo’s Vietnamese Speaking Call Center Can Do for You

  • Customer Retention in Vietnamese
  • Fraud Monitoring and Investigations in Vietnamese
  • Vietnamese Social Media Management in Vietnamese
  • Market Survey in Vietnamese
  • Amazon Seller Customer Service in Vietnamese
  • Ebay Seller Customer Service in Vietnamese
  • Lazada Seller Customer Service in Vietnamese
  • Facebook Customer Service in Vietnamese
  • Customer Service in Vietnamese
  • Technical Support in Vietnamese (Level I, Level II and Level III Support)
  • Sales, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell in Vietnamese
  • Back Office in Vietnamese
  • E-Mail Support in Vietnamese
  • Live Chat in Vietnamese
  • Phone Answering in Vietnamese
  • Order Management in Vietnamese

Why the Vietnamese Language Speaking Market Is So Important

  • Vietnam’s population is 95 million, the 14th largest in world.
  • Thanks to modern reforms, Vietnam is considered to be one of Asia’s most open economies.
  • Vietnam is considered to be the fastest growing emerging market economy, with continued steady growth forecast above 10% annually for most of the next decade.
  • Vietnam’s economy is expected to grow from the 37th largest in the world today to the 21st largest by 2025.
  • Vietnamese e-commerce sales quadrupled in four years from $1 billion in 2012 to $4 billion in 2015.
  • Vietnamese e-commerce is still early stage and ripe with opportunity.
  • There are strongly established Vietnamese communities in the USA, Canada, France & Australia.
  • Vietnamese is the 6th most spoken language in the USA, and 3rd most spoken language in Texas.

Vietnamese Language Consumer Market Information

  • Vietnam is comprised of 54 officially recognized ethnic groups from 58 provinces and 5 municipalities, sharing borders with 7 other countries.
  • Traditional Vietnamese culture highly values civility, and consumers are not always forthcoming about their objections, adding a challenge to good customer service.
  • Vietnamese shoppers can be wary of spending money online without a physical retail experience, forcing online retailers to work even harder to establish trust-worthy reputations.
  • Vietnam recently joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007.
  • Vietnam’s modern economic reforms are designed to encourage private ownership in business, improve living standards, prevent inequality, and create a more open economy attractive to foreign investors.
  • Vietnam’s economy has been a model for balanced growth and stability, even through global downturns.
  • Vietnam’s growing middle class is creating a strong consumer culture. The growth of e-commerce matches Vietnam’s increasing amount of internet users.
  • Vietnam is very mobile friendly with 125 million mobile connections, about 1.3 per person.
  • The quickly growing Vietnamese internet population is currently at 50 million users; 50% have shopped online.
  • 58% of Vietnamese online purchases are made on a mobile device.
  • 40% of Vietnamese are under age 25.
  • Vietnamese e-commerce top players include foreign startups Zalora and Lazada(Majority owned by Alibaba).
  • Traditional local street markets and bazaars are declining in favour of supermarkets, convenience stores and malls.

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