Virtual Assistance Customer Service Outsourcing: Advantages for Growing your Dental Practice

Virtual Assistance: Regarding Its Necessity and Advantages

As dental practitioners, running dental practices that make it their highest priority to ensure that dental patients’ dental health, hygiene, and overall well-being are in good shape – providing for them pleasant dental experiences that give them the confidence they need to venture out into the world and proudly demonstrate their beautiful smiles – is a worthy endeavor that requires a people-oriented disposition, strong patience, an acute attention to detail, and a professional team with the joined resolve to carefully handle patients while successfully fulfilling the many involved and oftentimes mundane administrative tasks that ensure dental practice success; the intrinsic rewards that accompany the relief that even just one dental patient receives from a successful cleaning, tooth extraction, conduction of oral screenings, removal of tooth decay or plaque, and/or application of prosthetics, sealers, and/or whiteners are invaluable. While it’s indeed true that highly-appreciative dental experiences are for dental practitioners and their staff a strong motivation to continue giving themselves to bettering the lives of others with their expertise, it is completely understandable that accomplishing this at an 80%-100% success rate can be daunting – and, more than likely than not, patients can be missed, prohibiting those with moderate-to-severe dental issues from getting proper treatment, also limiting dental practices’ respective sales growth. To efficiently handle the workload that accompanies daily operations and hence provide the best dental service possible, dental practices should consider the utilization of virtual assistance (VA) via the means of customer service outsourcing in order to reach their service goals at or close to a 100% completion rate and also maximize on their sales growth opportunities. Below, we would like to provide for you and your dental business an understanding of the pain points that lead to the need of a VA – as well as an explanation of what VAs are, what they do, and how virtual assistance customer service outsourcing can help.

Pain-Points Leading to the Need of a Virtual Assistant

So that dental practices may maximize on their sales growth opportunities and in-turn ensure that every possible dental patient receives the tender dental care that they need to feel physically well and confidently conquer the world with their smile, it’s very important that dental businesses recognize the signs that indicate their need for virtual assistance; by recognizing the painpoints that indicate workload burnout, dental practices can evaluate their tangible/intangible resource spending and then allocate resources in the best manner so that they may optimally perform their administrative and operational tasks with ease and maximize on their efficiency.

So, then, what are some of the signs that point to workload fatigue and indicate that resources are not being optimally used? Let’s take a look below:

  1. Over-expenditure on Payroll
    1. Spending too much on payroll may be a strong indication that a VA would be a great advantage for cost-savings; VAs offer cost-savings because they are only paid for the hours that they work – and, additionally, there’s no need to provide expensive benefits and overtime opportunities that can deepen payroll numbers.
  2. Enlarged Training Schedules
    1. VAs already come vetted and trained in the necessary skills to accomplish the required dental administrative tasks – so, there’s no need to spend extra time and money on hiring and training new employees whenever work gets daunting.
  3. The Necessity of Freeing Up Space
    1. As work increases, so does the need for crunched schedules and tighter workforce management (WFM); with VAs, fewer employees are needed in the office – and the workload can still be managed efficiently, providing for in-office employees the amount of room needed to focus on their job tasks with less stress so that they may produce higher-quality work.
  4. Patients are Being Turned Away
    1. Continually turning away potential patients is a clear sign that your dental practice is failing to efficiently perform its administrative and operational tasks at its optimal strength; VAs can mitigate this issue by taking on the normal tasks and in-turn giving your in-office employees more space and time to care for a higher capacity of patients.
  5. Insurance Claim Build-up
    1. No dental practice wants insurance claims increasing due to the fact that patients aren’t receiving the proper care that they deserve; if this would be happening to your dental business, then a VA is necessary to take on the tasks that keep your in-house employees from focusing on quantitively meeting patients’ need – and, as an added bonus, to handle any current claims.

Virtual Assistance: a Clearer Picture

Since we have looked a little bit at the pain-points that indicate the need for a virtual assistant, then let’s now take a clearer look at what exactly a VA is and does. Virtual assistants essentially are skilled professionals that provide support services to a business from a remote location; while they may provide a plethora of different services, most commonly-speaking, VAs provide support with administrative tasks.

In reference to virtual assistance customer service outsourcing for dental practices, VAs can provide a whole range of services – including the following:

  • assistance with e-mail management and client correspondence,
  • appointment and meeting scheduling – for in-house employees and patients,
  • administration, bookkeeping, and invoicing,
  • client record maintenance,
  • virtual patient care via a plethora of platforms – including the following-up on patient recovery, check-ups, and dental progress,
  • patient communication – the establishment of return clients, referrals, and recommendations from existing patients,
  • staff recruitment assistance – including the sourcing and screening of candidates, as well as interview scheduling,
  • general accounting services,
  • insurance planning and claims processing,
  • the organization and overseeing of supply purchases, equipment upgrades, and operations expenses,
  • business correspondence and reporting, and
  • the creation of user-friendly websites that establish a social media presence for the practice.

Callnovo Contact Center: a Viable Virtual Assistance Customer Service Outsourcing Solution

As can be seen above, VAs are a considerable option for handling the pain points that accompany the workload stress that is associated with exerting a lot of time and energy into clinical and non-clinical administrative and operational tasks; while it is a worthy endeavor trying to handle all functions in-house, it can become a nuisance – especially when there is so much to do that the tasks are not being processed efficiently and effectively, possibly causing patients to be missed – or worse, forcing patients to endure a dental emergency.

For dental practices that have experienced or have been experiencing the signs that indicate their need for a virtual assistant, we at Callnovo Contact Center would like you to know that we have a viable VA outsourcing dental solution that can ensure that your non-clinical administrative and operations duties are successfully handled with ease and at cost-efficient pricing. Our very own Callnovo Contact Center – a leading international call center with over 35 native language services (such as: English, Malaysian, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese – amongst others) that has been providing virtual assistance and customer care outsourcing for more than 16 years and to more than 1,000 clients – has dedicated virtual assistant agents previously screened through a rigorous 6-step hiring and onboarding process that can handle the above-mentioned dental service tasks – including, but not limited to: (1) the answering, processing, and assistance of dental patient callers, (2) the setting up and confirmation of dental appointments through patient communication systems such as WEAVE, (3) the handling of routine offline messages, (4) the forwarding of dental emergencies to your on-call provider(s), (5) the handling and processing of warm leads, (6) follow-ups, (7) appointment reminders, (8) and no-show call backs. Furthermore, as an international call center with native-language servicing, we not only provide these virtual assistance solutions in the English language – but, with offices at more than 10 sites throughout the world, our VAs are also able to provide localized patient assistance in patients’ own native languages and at all hours of the day. With our state-of-the-art and highly-customizable Global Omnichannel SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform, your dental practice can rest – assured that all its daily tasks will be handled successfully and that, in-turn, its patients can fully confide in your practice so that they may receive the dental care that they deserve.

In conclusion, though running a dental practice at 80%-100% with the resolve to ensure that most – if not all – dental patients’ dental health, hygiene, and overall well-being are in good shape is a daunting feat that is accompanied by workload pain-points, virtual assistants – like the dedicated agents that we provide through Callnovo Contact Center – can skillfully handle those non-clinical administrative and operations tasks at a cost-effective price so that your dental office can save on payroll expenditure while still ensuring that your in-office dental employees are given more space and time to care for a higher capacity of patients in an efficient manner, decreasing dental emergencies, improving the quality of in-office dental services, augmenting the rate of patient success cases, and decreasing the risk of insurance claims.

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