Real Estate Virtual Assistant

-If you a too busy Real Estate Professional
-If you are overwhelmed with administrative tasks that keep you from seeking out new clients and new listings
-If you are too busy to keep up with your stream of incoming buyer and seller leads

You should consider hiring someone to focus on the assistance jobs. Do NOT focus on these jobs anymore. FOCUS ON YOUR SALES!

We help you:

Managing and updating a variety of English and Chinese Social media outlets, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Wechat Public Account and so on Searching and sending listing to buyers. Responding all inquiry about real estate quickly and accurately, including loan, tax and school district level Cold call and following up Call answering and email replying Designing E-flyer and E-Book Preparing CMAs Planning and managing open houses Operating and using related website about real estate. E.g.: MLS, Skyslope, Zipform, Docusign, Zillow, Yelp, Loopnet, ect Communication and coordinating with Escrow Companies, Lenders Reserving inspection company and maintenance services timely Applying HOA, water, electricity, gas, trash and web services on line for buyers Property leasing and management

NO more stress worrying about the employee become your future competitor

    The assistant is our employee with good local salary package and high job satisfaction level
    The assistant lives in another country with different life objectives, he/she will not be your competitor in the future
    We will proactively manage the assistant to ensure non-competition

NO more headaches on Tax forms

    The assistant is NOT your employee in US/Canada/Australia/UK
    We take care of the call center local labor law and tax matters

NO more extra office space or equipment needed

    Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant works from our office or from comfort home
    We provide the assistant platform and software

NO more high turn-over rate

    Stable and qualified office human resource gives you peace of mind
    We pay the assistant in with a generous local and attractive salary and benefits package

As a Real Estate Agent, You Focus on Meeting Buyers and Sellers and Making Sales. We Take Care of Your Marketing and Documents works.