Amidst U.S. Labor Shortages, Callnovo Supports an American Medical Staffing Agency with Healthcare Staffing Solutions to Ensure Timely Staffing of Medical Jobs

Since the beginning of 2022, Callnovo Contact Center – an 18+ year-tenured, leading provider of omnichannel, multilingual customer service outsourcing solutions  has been in partnership with a well-known American medical staffing agency (we’ll call the medical staffing agency “W Company” to keep data confidentiality intact) which has trusted in its worldwide customer service outsourcing solutions to ensure quality healthcare staffing solutions and superb nurse qualification staffing for its business in the U.S. market. Additionally, the W Company formed a partnership with Callnovo to assist in the completion of massive, daily job search background checks. This customer service campaign has been successfully able to complete service knowledge training and pre-job assessments, and it has launched successfully, effectively-alleviating talent recruitment problems faced within the United States – such as recruitment difficulties, high costs, and rapid attrition/turnover.

This service campaign is a fast-paced, detail-oriented medical campaign, and Callnovo’s nurse certification audit team not only has to share strong, native English communication skills, multitasking skills, and coordination skills; however, this campaign requires specific medical industry audit experience and service knowledge background. Callnovo’s nurse certification audit team’s responsibilities include:

  • representing the American medical staffing agency, W Company, in matching suitable professional nurse talent for medical institutions, social organizations, and private employers with superb healthcare staffing solutions to meet nurse staffing needs,
  • building rapport with nurse talent to create a positive service experience for clientele,
  • maintaining effective communication with nurse talent, collecting & organizing required info., and reviewing whether the qualification docs. of nurse candidates are accurate and compliant,
  • ensuring documents meet expiration dates,
  • keeping nursing teams updated & more efficient and effective,
  • conducting professional background checks on nurse candidates, and
  • appointment interviewing and provision of renewal notices, amongst others.

What are Travel Nurses?

In the United States (1980s), the demand for medical care services was unprecedentedly high – in part due to the lack of a large number of primary care workers in the primary health care system – as well as due to the increasing emphasis of Americans on preventive health care services; this resulted in a shortage of local professional nursing talents. As a result, travel nurses came about – and, instead of working at fixed hospitals, mobile nurses constantly-changing workplaces for travel nursing now provide short-term care work to medical institutions, social organizations, and private employers in varying regions.

Recently, due to the continuous problems posed by the Omicron variant virus, there has been a concerning labor shortage in many industries in the United States; not only is it difficult to recruit qualified personnel – however, the employee turnover rate has reached an alarming level. Data from April 2021 showed that the U.S. employee turnover rate rose by 4.1 percent from 6.2 percent a year ago, breaking a record level. Such data shows how recruiters struggle with labor shortages and hiring difficulties. Due to shortage of labor, the U.S. catering industry began reducing business hours, airlines were forced to cancel flights, and the U.S. medical system affected also lost many jobs for quite some time. Anna Reiss, a travel nurse in the United States, revealed on social media that she now earns US$ 2,000.00 to 5,000.00 a week – three times pre-pandemic salary levels. Furthermore, many grassroots civilian workers related within the healthcare industry also prefer to stay at home to receive government benefits – and, unemployment benefits received after resigning are even higher than the business’ salaries. As such, the labor shortage situation in the United States is very concerning. As a well-known American medical staffing agency that provides job opportunities for healthcare professionals across the U.S., W Company is also deeply affected by the U.S. labor shortage. The head of W Company cooperating with Callnovo’s global customer service outsourcing team helplessly mentioned: “Well-known Wall Street companies – such as Bank of America, Citibank, and JPMorgan Chase – are constantly increasing job salaries, preparing for the ‘grabbing war;’ we also have to invest higher costs in talent recruitment for our provided healthcare staffing solutions. Throughout the past year, the number of travel nurses & medical job recruitment institutions submitting job search info. on our platform has grown rapidly, and all departments are in a state of overload; personnel recruitment is difficult, costly, and long-term.”

A registered nurse coming from a travel nurse recruitment program asks an elderly man how he‘s been feeling to see if she can do anything to make him feel more comfortable.
A registered nurse coming from a travel nurse recruitment program asks an elderly man how hes been feeling to see if she can do anything to make him feel more comfortable.

“We are delighted to have Callnovo Contact Center’s global customer service support during such a difficult time as they provide us with a team of experienced industry services; we have thousands of travel nurses who need professional background checks and medical qualification checks on a daily basis, and Callnovo’s team has greatly-eased the pressure of our work in this area. Compared with recruiting domestic employees from within the United States, Callnovo’s outsourcing solutions have been ensuring a fast recruitment cycle, low investment costs, and a guaranteed quality of service – and, we look forward to more in-depth cooperation with Callnovo in other overseas markets in the future.”

Considering that the American medical staffing agency, W Company, was dealing with a shortage of labor, Callnovo’s commercial, operational, and technical departments had quickly begun the pre-project preparation work, setting up an experienced English service team from Callnovo’s Nicaraguan, U.S., and Chinese operations centers under the operation of Callnovo’s global operations team. Through telephone and email channels, Callnovo provides professional background checks, medical qualification checks, and other services for travel nurses coming to W Company to seek employment, helping tens of thousands of travel nurses find their preferred positions; this service is provided 5 days a week at 9 hours a day.

Callnovo’s client success manager, Judy, speaks with the W Company’s U.S. operations trainer about how Callnovo’s superb customer service outsourcing solutions have been helping the travel nurse recruitment platform; they specifically talk about the quality of the trainees.
Callnovo’s client success manager, Judy, speaks with the W Company’s U.S. operations trainer about how Callnovo’s superb customer service outsourcing solutions have been helping the travel nurse recruitment platform; they specifically talk about the quality of the trainees.

Sydra, the U.S. operations trainer at W Company, is very confident in the staff, saying, “Trainees are very attentive and show good knowledge comprehension; I feel they will continually-perform well going forward. Trainees have been very focused and share a solid understanding of required knowledge. They will all perform well once officially launched.” The continuous high pressure brought about by the pandemic has caused more hospitals to demand travel nurses from 3rd party agencies, putting forward higher requirements for staff ability and efficiency; Callnovo’s team has also invested more energy in personnel screening and training. Judy, the client success manager in charge of this project’s operations, mentioned: “Our staff needs to deal with different companies, institutions, and social organizations on a daily basis; the quality requirements for employees’ communication skills and work efficiency are very high. In addition to 2+ years of industry experience, as well as fluent English communication skills, having a professional background in HR, having working experience and auditing experience in the medical industry, and having a knowledge background in the medical industry are important conditions for quality talent selection. Fortunately, Callnovo has a sufficient, global multilingual talent pool that helps us quickly-build a senior service team with more than suitable work experience.” Callnovo’s provided services reduce communication costs between employers and travel nurses, facilitating the talent selection process; since the project’s launch, it has continually-maintained a 100% information review accuracy rate that has been strongly praised by W Company’s customers.

A frontline customer service rep supports the W Company’s service needs with top-quality call center outsourcing support.
A frontline customer service rep supports the W Company’s service needs with top-quality call center outsourcing support.

Now, let’s hear what a frontline customer service representative feels about the project:

“I’m happy with my current state of work. I get to meet professional nurses from different regions and fields every day. Working in the healthcare industry has allowed me to connect healthcare organizations and travel nurses with ease, and I am happy to see them all find the jobs they need with my help, giving me a sense of accomplishment. Occasionally, I encounter difficulties – such as the need to understand medical terminology I am not familiar with. Fortunately, I have a very good team, and I can learn a lot of new knowledge with our seamless collaboration – which helps me solve the problems I encounter at work. Over past months, I’ve felt much potential in this job, and I hope I can focus on doing the job at hand even better as time goes on.”

Conclusion – Callnovo’s Support for Medical Staffing Agency(ies)

At present, Callnovo’s remote customer service representatives have been providing high-quality services to W Company for practically 2 years; the number of occupational information reviews processed daily grows substantially, ensuring suitable nursing talents for medical institutions, social organizations, and private employers across the United States, effectively alleviating W Company’s pressure when it comes to talent qualification review. Every day, thousands of well-known medical institutions in the United States will recruit the right nursing talents because of the excellent healthcare staffing solutions provided by Callnovo’s operations team, and Callnovo looks forward to providing improved, professional multilingual customer service outsourcing solutions, as well as tech. support solutions, for more global enterprises with different industry needs. Furthermore, as shown before, Callnovo helps global businesses save on labor costs, shorten the recruitment cycle, and solve labor shortage issues.

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