Callnovo Remote Virtual Assistant Service: Facilitate the Work of California Real Estate Brokers

Since entering into the virtual assistant service field of the US real estate industry in 2011, Callnovo Call Center has had seven years’ experience in remote virtual assistant service as an American real estate broker team. After years of practice and accumulation in China and the Philippines, Callnovo’s service team has also had a complete knowledge system, training process, and technical platform for real estate transactions in the United States.

The Callnovo team visits the real estate source data platforms and marketing channel websites of the United States remotely through special office VPN. It provides a systematic and refined back-office, human resources and technical service program for many real estate teams of RE/MAX real estate companies. Its service ranges through pre-sales and housing development, social media management, advertising playbill image editing, and coordination of housing transactions. Callnovo has successfully helped many California real estate brokers as it specializes in complex and time-consuming administrative tasks by running services through the entire real estate process in one-stop rental management. For real estate brokers, this not only significantly reduces labor costs and relieves a lot of operating pressures, but also effectively realizes business growth. It allows each separate unit of the Callnovo Remote Virtual Assistant Service team to quickly transform the broker’s costs into their profits.

RE/MAX real estate is the largest real estate economic chain-management group in the world, with an incomparable transaction volume. RE/MAX can induce many franchisees and brokers into a long and healthy collaborative relationships. Its advantages lie not only in its efficient, unique management mode and powerful global resource network platform, but also in its ability to provide the most comprehensive services and support for real estate brokers, maximize the profit of each franchise and broker, and help RE/MAX realize the goals of the real estate elite. RE/MAX’s service has been continuously promoted in recent years. On one hand, since the US real estate market began to bottom out and rebound in 2012, the real estate brokers’ lineup has been getting larger and larger. According to the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAR) data, the average number of American broker members has been rapidly increasing by 160 people per day during the past five years. As of May 2018, the total number of real estate brokers has surpassed 1.3 million. The issue of how to gain a bigger share in the multitudinous competitive market is a strong pressure and test that the real estate industry has to face. On the other hand, the Chinese have successively become the largest overseas buyers in the US real estate market. How to meet the continuously increasing demand of Chinese buyers is also an urgent problem for many brokers.

Since 2011, Callnovo has entered into a long-term service agreement with RE/MAX (RE/MAX Real Estate) to adapt to the marketing services demand. Since the start of the cooperation, Callnovo has been adhering to the concept of, “wholeheartedly satisfying the service needs of every broker” and has constructed a unified remote virtual assistant service system. The Callnovo’s remote assistant

communicates with buyers, sellers, notaries, insurance companies, loan banks, landlords, tenants, and property management on behalf of brokers through the most convenient means of communication, such as telephone, WeChat, Skype, and email. The Callnovo’s call center Remote Virtual Assistants team provides customized assistant support services, according to the working habits and business needs of each real estate broker, in order to improve the working efficiency of RE/MAX and protect their successful activity.

In terms of final cost, it is much more cost-effective to hire virtual assistants living in relatively low-cost countries, such as China and the Philippines, than to hire assistants sitting in cells in American offices.We need to discuss services of the same value to respond to Trump’s decision to leave jobs to Americans. From a business perspective, we need to go to low-cost places for production. The only difference is that the remote virtual assistant can’t deliver tea and water or help insert ‘OpenHouse’ billboards in the streets. The absolute majority of real estate backstage work can be accomplished through the internet remote virtual assistants, after they have been trained successfully.

Callnovo’s call center Remote Virtual Assistants implement an ‘integrated chain’ service model for RE/MAX, which supports the whole process of housing pre-sale, transaction, and after-sale. Don’t forget another important point: in China and the Philippines, most of the remote virtual assistant are above the undergraduate level and have a high degree of diligence, self-value in order to achieve in their career, and income satisfaction. The procrastination rates are also extremely low. It is not easy for Americans who enjoy life to be contented by this.

Firstly, we will discuss pre-sale promotion and sales.

Farming (Prospecting) is a special feature of the Callnovo call center for RE/MAX brokers. In the real estate industry, so-called Farming means communicating with sellers via telephone, e-mail, WeChat, and other channels in order to persuade owners to obtain exclusive rights to sell houses from owners. Callnovo Virtual Assistant teams, acting as front-line personnel in contact with buyers and sellers, are not only proficient in Chinese, Cantonese, and English multilingual skills, but also have sufficient professional real estate knowledge and out-call sales skills. This helps brokers effectively make appointments with landlords and ensure a successful first step for the exclusive sale of property.

Moreover, Callnovo’s call centers in China and the Philippines do not only have a team of remote virtual assistants with fluent spoken language and comprehensive knowledge, but also an artificial intelligence customer service man-machine coordination marketing model to help brokers make cold calls. Firstly, Callnovo concludes the routine and repetitive problems based on the data of real estate outbound call experiences. It then uses the recorded human voice robot to detect and analyze the owner’s motives by calling automatically. It then filters potential customers through pure artificial real estate assistants and makes an appointment with the owner for a formal meeting and negotiation. This kind of man-machine mixed cold call mode can save brokers a lot of time when finding potential customers, improve the quality of outbound calls, and fundamentally reduce the labor cost of outbound calls.

Secondly, the coordination of transactions when dealing with real estate.

The process of American real estate transactions is rather complicated and trivial. This is due to the perfect laws and regulations of American real estate transaction, as well as the mature and formal industry system. That is why buying or selling houses means a lot of paperwork. Personal virtual assistants are of great value to the real estate economy from the preparation of the purchase contract to the end of the transfer. They will undertake the preparation, collection, arrangement, transmission, and upload of all documents for you with meticulous dedication and professionalism. They can also take the initiative on behalf of real estate brokers to analyze, in detail, the issues and consultation of the real estate disclosure report, allograph, insurance, audit programs, and other related consultation for buyers and sellers.

Finally, after-sales customer service and assistance in rental management.

People buy real estate overseas, usually either for personal occupation or for rental as an investment.For personal occupation purchase of house, Callnovo Virtual Assistant can remotely help guests set up HOA account for utilities, garbage, wireless network, property management fees, and automatic payment function. At the same time, the relevant user name and password will be filed. For investment and purchases of houses, the Remote Virtual Assistant can send application forms to the intended tenants to review and retrieve the appropriate tenants’ information, including tax revenue, work certificate, income certificate, credit score, bank deposit certificate, and other information. They then report the basic information of the intended tenants to the owner in a timely manner. After obtaining the consent of the owner, the assistant will help the broker to make a rental contract and send the electronic documents to all parties for signature. As a personal assistant to real estate agents, Callnovo will also be responsible for reminding or assisting the guests to pay the land tax twice per year.

The Callnovo Remote Virtual Assistant can use a part-time service model of one-to-many real estate agents to charge on-time, by case, or to expand the size of the virtual assistant team according to the business development of real estate agents. Brokers can communicate with assistants on the day’s work by phone, WeChat voice, or even video conferences to release new tasks before going to sleep.

Diana Wang (pseudonym) has worked hard in the US real estate industry for many years. She hired a full-time remote network assistant (Rain, in China) through Callnovo to help her with research and marketing support, responsible for her email response and social media promotion, and exchange the properties needs of buyers/sellers by regular contact. No matter how busy she is outside, she no longer has to worry about the next morning’s appointment with the homeowner while her housing market analysis report and the sale contract are not ready; her remote virtual assistant has already sorted out the required information and sent it to her inbox, in advance and according to her schedule. Sometimes, Diana needs to make phone calls with 3 or 4 parties on the way to leading the guest to check the properties. The remote assistant can immediately help her connect all the parties to the telephone conference room. Diana also has a lot of WeChat groups, as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Zillow, etc. All of these used to be personally monitored on the messages, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Now, the remote assistant can do it for her. Since she hired the virtual assistant two years ago, the number of her listings has skyrocketed. When compared with hiring an assistant in the United States, she has saved costs by more than 60% and her income has quadrupled. What excites Diana most is that she now has more time to spend with her family. The Callnovo Virtual Assistant team strives to establish a good reputation for every property transaction and help brokers’ careers steadily grow in a positive direction.

In fact, along with the development of globalization and the continuous development of telecommunication technology, remote virtual assistants have become popular in the United States as a new and efficient way of working. In recent years, they have also gradually been welcomed by the emerging business owners and middle and senior managers in other industries in Australia and Europe. According to experts, “by 2020, due to the accelerating pace of work, at least 10% of all work will be broken down and completed by network remote assistants by timing or case.”

If there is always a pile of time-consuming and laborious tasks on your to-do list, but you have to complete the simple and repetitive tasks on time, it is better to jump out of the traditional thinking of the office cubicle and hire a Remote Network Virtual Assistant from Callnovo Call Center that can be on call 24 hours per day. Even if you are separated from your virtual assistant by an ocean, they can quickly and accurately complete any work that would typically be done by traditional administrative assistants in the office. This will increase your overall work efficiency and, ultimately, save you a lot of money.

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