Why You Should Outsource To A Bilingual Call Center

Bilingual Call Center

Since the dawn of the digital age, the world has never been closer together. We have truly come together as one global nation and so it’s more important than ever that your business speaks the right language. With the whole world at your feet, why would you want to leave any potential customer out? Outsourcing […]

How a Vietnamese Call Center Can Improve Customer Relations

Vietnamese Call Center

Worldwide, there are more than 4 million Vietnamese speakers found across the globe, most notably in East and Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and Western Europe. In fact, Vietnamese happens to be the 6th most spoken language in the US and 3rd most spoken language in Texas alone! That means chances are pretty good that […]

Attention: e-Commerce Business Owners! Here’s why you Need a Malay Call Center

Malay Call Center

When it comes to shopping, Malaysians are upping their game. In fact, 91% of internet users say they have shopped online for an average of $2000+ per person per year in online spending. Furthermore, Malaysia’s e-commerce spending is expected to double from $1.30 billion in 2015 to $2.44 billion as early as next year. If […]