Customer Relationship Management (CRM): An Introduction to Callnovo’s Global Omnichannel SaaS CRM Platform’s Benefits and Advantages

With Callnovo Contact Center’s Global Omnichannel SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, successful integration into foreign markets is guaranteed – ensuring global eCommerce brand reach, strong customer acquisition, and long-term customer retention.

Improve your Business’ Brand Reach and eCommerce Customer Service with Social Media

Due to global consumers’ broad usage of social media, eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to utilize social media for their brands’ growth as they can reach global customers more easily and thereby strengthen their brands’ recognition, increase customer acquisition, and also increment customer retention and customer loyalty.

Become the Most Preferable Shopee Seller with Excellent Customer Service

The cross-border e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is becoming increasingly popular. Shopee, as one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, is becoming the most preferred choice for global e-commerce sellers. It covers seven major and vast markets, including Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It has a splendid variety of products, […]

The Enhancing of Chinese Brand Global Customer Experiences Through Global Communication Solutions

Cross-border e-commerce sellers who are committed to the branding, digitalization, and globalization of Chinese enterprises have already possessed prospective awareness and have deployed overseas customer communication solutions in advance that enhance their brands’ global customer experience. Callnovo Contact Center – a global operation team for customer service outsourcing solutions – is dedicated to bringing high added-value […]

Four Major Limitations and Solutions for After-Sales Customer Service for Cross-Border E-Commerce Independent Sellers in 2020

Independent cross-border e-commerce sellers have entered and maintained steady growth after 2-3 years of operation. Due to the insufficient human resources to manage a global after-sales customer service team, they have been experiencing a growing pressure. The time differences between countries? Non-native languages? Cross-cultures? Overseas communication platforms? Management personnel? Reporting software? Quality control measures? It […]

Five Key Soft Skills E-Commerce Customer Service Team Should Master

On April 13, 2020, Amazon announced to recruit an additional 75,000 employees after hiring 100,000 new employees since March, to keep up with a coronavirus-related spike in demand. The public relations department at Amazon revealed that it will offer permanent and full-time positions to these temporary positions to stay on post-pandemic. E-commerce has continued to […]

How IVR has Evolved from Traditional Button-based Menu Mazes to Natural Voice Navigation to Enhance Overseas Customer Service Experience via Toll-Free Numbers

Regardless of whether cross-border e-commerce enterprises or SMEs, products that are sold to the US market through online marketplaces, for instance Amazon or independent e-commerce sites, are required to be equipped with an English after-sales customer service system to meet the demands of the local market. In the era of global Mobile Internet and social […]

The Key to Enhance Brand Image for Overseas Security Industry Through Outsourcing Customer Service for Long-Term Stability and Consistency

The security service industry was originated in the United States in the early years. After half a century of industry development and evolution, it has gradually developed into a mature industry globally. The security market worldwide has an annual growth of 10 percent during 2016-2018 and a total of US$ 275.8 billion by 2018. In […]

In Pandemic, The Secret of Chinese Medical Suppliers Initiating Overseas After-Sales Customer Service Solution for in 2 Weeks

Introduction: With the global pandemic outbreak, countries are waiting for Made in China! COVID-19 related-medical apparatus and supplies, for instance, test agents, surgical masks, goggles, gloves, protective clothing, ventilators, disinfectants, and thermometers have exponential growth in sales. They are exported and sold on worldwide e-commerce platforms, for instance, Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify. This has even […]