eCommerce Outsourcing/eCommerce Customer Service Outsourcing Best Practices to Ensure Stronger Customer Loyalty

This vector on eCommerce customer service outsourcing best practices demonstrates various functions that outsourced e-Commerce customer service representatives fulfill - such as: pre-sales/post-sales customer engagement, customer review management & maintenance, omnichannel customer contact, demographics, etc.

As 2022 comes to an end – and as global economies continue to gain ground in terms of growth as a result of increasing eConmerce sales – it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for your global eSeller to consider the advantages of eCommerce outsourcing; check out our guide on its advantages – as well as key eCommerce outsourcing best practices – so that your business can augment its long-term brand loyalty and gain an edge in the global competitive sales market(s) – leading to strong financial success and a grand, long-term brand legacy.

Dental Office HIPAA Compliance 2022: Part 2 of our Detailed Guide to 10 Best Practices

A dentist carefully-reviews with the wife of the man receiving dental care via a dental assistant in the dental room in the background his current dental situation and what treatment options are available; the dentist takes care to follow dental office HIPAA compliance best practices while sharing such patient data.

Last week, we began a 2-part series on dental office HIPAA compliance (2022/2023) & best practices so you can uphold dental patient data confidentiality according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); after having covered the gravity of healthcare data breach frequencies since 2020, we’d like to re-iterate the cruciality of keeping dental […]

Dental Office HIPAA Compliance 2022: Part 1 of our Detailed Guide to 10 Best Practices

Digital dental office patient health data is being shown with a security shield in the middle of the patient profile, demonstrating how dental office HIPAA compliance protects dental patient data from being breached, offering patients ease of mind and heart.

Within the healthcare industry, patient data confidentiality is extremely vital. Recently, Callnovo wrote on benefits of HIPAA compliance for healthcare patients whereby it’s mentioned security concerns regarding personal data confidentiality breaches is a real problem, stating: “within the United States alone, healthcare data breach costs have risen by ~42% since 2020 – accounting for ~US$ […]

Callnovo Proudly-receives Finalist Spot in Markham’s 32nd Annual Business Excellence Awards

Markham’s mayor, Frank Scarpitti, congratulated Callnovo in Markham’s Annual Business Excellence Awards ceremony for becoming a finalist out of 11,000+ businesses in Markham; he invited Callnovo's CEO, Jackie Xu, up to the podium to exchange a few words.

Markham, Ontario, Canada – one of the fastest-growing cities in the North American country and a.k.a. the High-tech Capital of Canada – held its 32nd Annual Business Excellence Awards ceremony in highlight of rising, reputable, local businesses’ and organizations’ entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity, and success. We want to congratulate Callnovo Contact Center for becoming a top 3 finalist in the Global Business Excellence category this year. Take a look inside to learn more about this highly-anticipated ceremony and to read about Callnovo’s exciting participation in the grand event.

HIPAA Call Center Requirements & How to Choose a HIPAA Compliant Call Center

The word "HIPAA" is shown with the caption, "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act;" the reference is to how HIPAA rules & regulations under key HIPAA call center requirements protect healthcare data from unauthorized personnel access, ensuring that the risk of an unlawful data breach is kept low.

As hospital admissions, physician visits, doctors visits, healthcare insurance claims, etc. rise, it’s direly-important to ensure the confidentiality of patients’ healthcare records and data. If your healthcare business is planning on outsourcing, then you should choose a viable HIPAA compliant call center. Check out our guide to help you make the right decision.

9 Benefits of HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare Patients

A doctor and nurse carefully review medical information, taking care not to accidentally release such healthcare patient data to unauthorized personnel - thus taking advantage of the benefits of HIPAA compliance.

With rising hospital admissions, physician & doctor visits, and healthcare insurance claims, it’s not just sufficient for healthcare providers to provide stellar patient care – but, it is becoming increasingly-important that they do what’s necessary to protect patient data; within you’ll find out about the benefits of HIPAA compliance to ensure your healthcare business brings higher quality of life, as well as ease of mind and peace, to your patients.

An Informative Guide to Choosing a Customer Service Call Center/Contact Center for Meeting Outsourcing Needs

A customer service rep provides superb, quality remote customer service support to inbound/outbound callers and live chat customers; these are qualities that are key to choosing a customer service call center.

As go-global businesses look to successfully-expand to new sales market niches so they can find global market success and dominate competitors, it’s important to consider call center outsourcing as a viable means of making that mission & vision a reality. Check out Callnovo’s informative guide to choosing a customer service call center, detailing what to look for in a contact center – as well as tips on how to choose the right one – all to the aim that you can make the best decision and begin to increase your brand growth and global reputation.

12 Help Desk Metrics & Help Desk Performance Metrics to Ensure Stellar Customer Engagement

How remote help desk support that follow superb help desk metrics offers struggling customers with the superb solutions they need — in the moment that they need them — whether it’s via phone, live chat, email, social media — you name it - is shown..

By understanding, training, and having your help desk technicians put into practice key help desk metrics & help desk performance metrics, your global brand can orient itself on its CS / TS team(s)’ efficiency & service performance – as well as improve upon them – to effectively-ensure customer-centric service that leads to long-term customer base growth, customer retention, and brand loyalty. Check out Callnovo’s guide to help you successfully-meet consumers’ / end-users’ high service expectations, increasing your long-term global sales success.

Best Customer Service Practices: 5 Practices for Top Support

A male customer service agent throws a thumbs up as he smiles, demonstrating that quality service begins with a customer-centric attitude that treats consumers fairly and as more important than the CSRs themselves.

To offer superb customer engagement that builds a long-term brand legacy, it’s direly important for your CSRs to put into practice key best customer service practices that show customer-centricism, building rapport/continual trust. Check inside for key customer service & support practices that strengthen customer loyalty, leading to long-term global sales growth and success.