The Importance of Customer Service and the Benefits of Outsourcing

No matter if you own a small family company or a multi-billion dollar corporation, only one person is irreplaceable to your business and that is the customer. In order to succeed in the free market, a business should not only attract customers but also make sure that all their questions and requests are answered. This way, the business gains reputation and a loyal base. To make sure that customers are catered to, every business should invest in a Customer Service Department.

What is Customer Service?

At first, when people hear “Customer Service”, they imagine a group of friendly, smiling people, who answer clients’ phone calls. In practice, the role of the Customer Service Department is much bigger than a friendly chat over the phone. These people are the prime connection between your business and its clients and that makes them direct representatives of your establishment and its work culture. The list of possible queries is near endless – questions about recent price changes, technical failures, installation guidance, initial set-up, maintenance, and security are just a few of them and if the people answering the questions are unprepared, or do not handle the issue in a proper manner, then clients will leave disappointed. Therein lies the essence of the Customer Service representatives job: making the client feel at home and addressing his queries till he is fully satisfied.

How Customer Service helps the business?

One thing is to know what Customer Service is and it is a completely different thing to know how it can help you and how to properly utilize its potential. The business writer Jim Riley has given a short and systemized answer to this question. Customer Service can secure purchases, with which the client has found difficulties and can refer the client to other products, which he will find useful in his work. Naturally, the attention presented by the company brings loyalty within the client, who now knows that he can rely on your Customer Service every time he encounters some problem. By word of mouth and official reviews, the company’s image is being elevated, which leads to the creation of a trusted and reliable brand. On the other hand, the Customer Service department will relieve the other employees from the responsibility of direct communication with the clients, which allows them to concentrate on their work and reach higher efficiency.

Geri Stengel an entrepreneur and non-profit board member says that “Good service not only makes money, it saves money”. In her article, by the same name, she reveals the real value of Customer Service. Not only does such a department build-up a business’ image, but it also helps collect vital data from the customers. A good example given in the article is how a car rental agency was informed by their Customer Service department that their clients do not mind driving older cars, as long as they were well maintained. The expenses on purchasing new vehicles were cut and just a portion of them was re-distributed into the maintenance of available vehicles. Just like the motto said, the Customer Service not only made them money but helped save up a lot.

What are the benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing?

There are a lot of benefits to Customer Service Outsourcing. Essential Office Support shares that outsourcing your Customer Service gives you a higher freedom for development. If a professional call center company is handling Customer Service management, this allows for more brainpower to be directed towards innovation and business plans. This, in turn, leads to heightened functionality, which inevitably would improve the company’s image. Another great benefit from outsourcing your Customer Service is lower infrastructure costs.

The call center companies have their own buildings and infrastructure, which frees employers from the burden of securing an adequate place for their Customer Service representatives. This means zero maintenance costs as well. Callnovo offers all of these benefits and much more. Employers can cut financial spending and manpower by outsourcing customer service to a call center company like Callnovo.  Even if you are not familiar with a nation’s labor laws, it is not a problem, since Callnovo handles salaries, social security, maternity leaves and all other formalities in compliance with the employee’s national laws and your only responsibility is to pay the service fee. Most important of all, Callnovo provides trained professionals ready to work 24/7/365 based on your company’s needs.

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