The Initial Construction of Liugong Overseas Customer Service System Has Achieved a Great Success.

On July 1, 2019, Callnovo Call Center was invited to participate in the launching of the Liugong Outsourced Thai call center held at YTK headquarters (YTK is Liugong Thailand Distributor), as  the  overseas multilingual one-stop customer service outsourcing provider of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Liugong), and Liugong Thailand market service hotline 180011197 was officially activated for business.

The ceremony received positive response and participation from all employees of Yontrakarn Machinery Co., Ltd, the Liugong Thailand Distributor. The general manager of the distributor, Mr. Kittichai, introduced the Thai market and its business at the ceremony. He pointed out that as one of “the Belt and Road Initiatives,” Thailand is continuously moving forward with infrastructure construction, and the prospects for its construction machinery are also promising. YTK will deepen cooperation with Liugong in the field of construction machinery and build Liugong brand with strong influence and wide range in Thailand. In terms of after-sales service, Taking the opportunity of Liugong Thailand Call Center, YTK is willing to cooperate with Liugong to strengthen service management, continuously improve service level, and provide customers with a faster, convenient and satisfactory service guarantee.

Next, Anita Lee, Sales and Marketing Director of Callnovo Global Customer Outsourcing Call Center, delivered a speech on behalf of the company, gave a detailed introduction to the operation of the Thai call center, and explained the decisive role of Callnovo in Liugong’s overseas service system and distributor’s capacity building as a third-party customer service outsourcing provider in detail. Anita Lee mentioned: “After the launch of the Liugong Thai Contact Center, all Thai customers from Liugong can report their issues and seek for support directly through the 800 Tollfree number in Thailand. The exclusive Liugong Thailand customer service team of Callnovo will be able to provide customer service and technical support in Thailand. With a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, the Callnovo Thai Contact Center (Call Center) will be able to capture crucial moments, such as “Issue Reporting” “Task Scheduled,” “In Maintenance” and “Problem-solved.” Liugong customers can input information to CRM by replying to SMS without logging in to CRM. Callnovo Thai Contact Center customer service representatives will also follow up with the distributor and end-customers to ensure that every issue and every problem is resolved effectively, professionally, and promptly during the customer service and technical support operations. After that, the call center customer service representative team will also conduct a customer satisfaction survey for each customer to gather feedback, while the management team of Liugong China headquarter has access to all customer service call recordings and CRM records to have a better understanding of Thai customer needs and to provide better support. More importantly, CRM data can drive Liugong headquarter to make more informed decisions in the Thai market as time goes by.

At the ceremony, in order to verify the successful operation of the Callnovo Thai Call Center, Liugong also invited local customer to make an live call to Liugong’s customer service hotline in Thailand at the launching ceremony and simulate how the Callnovo Thai Call Center provides support for Liugong Group in the event of customer equipment fails. They will quickly respond to the customer, accept the customer repairs request, dispatch a service team, and restore equipment functions in the shortest possible time.

At last, the business director of Liugong International Business Department, Xiang Dongsheng gave a final speech before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and further explained the vital role of the Thai Call Center. Director Xiang emphasized, with the help of Callnovo Thai Call Center, the communication platform between the end-customer and Liugong, not only can track the customers demand of the Thai market timely online, and speed up service response and efficiency, but also play an essential role in the future brand upgrade of Liugong.

General Manager Kittichai and Liugong International Business Department Director Xiang Dongsheng initiated the ribbon-cutting for the call center, which marked the first successful step of Liugong’s first call center network construction, and established a multi-party shared service platform for customers, distributors, and Liugong headquarter to provide customers with faster and more efficient services.

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