In Pandemic, The Secret of Chinese Medical Suppliers Initiating Overseas After-Sales Customer Service Solution for in 2 Weeks

Medical industry customer service

Introduction: With the global pandemic outbreak, countries are waiting for Made in China! COVID-19 related-medical apparatus and supplies, for instance, test agents, surgical masks, goggles, gloves, protective clothing, ventilators, disinfectants, and thermometers have exponential growth in sales. They are exported and sold on worldwide e-commerce platforms, for instance, Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify. This has even driven sales of indoor sports and entertainment equipment, for instance, yoga mats, indoor treadmills, and indoor dancing machines. Domestic medical apparatus are exported to Eastern Europe and countries along “the Belt and Road”, for instance, Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. The after-sales service has a commanding influence on brand localization, bringing unprecedented industry opportunities. The customer service solution and delivered customer experience from Chinaexporting medical apparatus worldwide play an ultimate and important role, yet the most complicated to attain at an optimal level within a short term. How did e-cross-border commerce enterprises and SMEs have successfully develop professional global Medical industry customer service solutions within 2 weeks under the current pandemic?

An estimated 20,000 medical apparatus factories located in China excluding recent acute increases in surgical mask factories due to the COVID-19 epidemic, according to 2020 China’s Medical Apparatus Manufacturing and Supply Report. Due to the shortage of anti-epidemic resources globally, Chinese medical apparatus manufacturers have entered the Medical industry customer service apparatus industry with a market capitalization of US $220 billion. Achieving high-profit and reliable brand awareness was difficult for the Chinese medical apparatus and manufacturers to conclude formerly due to aggressive competition. Domestic manufacturers and merchants have taken advantage of directing cross-border business throughe-commerce and overseas distributor channels in the current outbreak. Sales, operations, customer service, after-sales service, and logistics are reconstructed to adhere to international market demand. Domestic medical apparatus are exported mainly to Eastern Europe and countries along “the Belt and Road”, for instance, Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. The overseas medical market is approximately 6 times larger than that of the Chinese domestic market, as estimated by experts. In this multilingual and multicultural market environment, the after-sales service has a commanding influence on brand localization, bringing unprecedented industry opportunities. This global customer service experience of exporting medical apparatus worldwide plays an ultimate and important role, yet the most complicated to attain at an optimal level within the short term. How did cross-border e-commerce enterprises and SEMs have successfully develop professional global customer service solution within 2 weeks under the current pandemic?

The One-stop Solution of Outsourced Global After-sale Customer Service 

The one-stop solution of customer service is available to build a quality customer service solution for the medical Suppliers in just two weeks through outsourcing. The outsourced customer service center provides professional and multilingual customer service, including online and telephone. With our customized customer service solution, a team of professional contact center experts can promptly establish a cloud-based communication platform. The one-stop solution enables medical supply companies to quickly develop service strategies for worldwide customers, and to utilize global communicational and technical resources (for instance, International Toll Free Numbers, two-way SMS numbers, call center, CRM, and ticketing system), and management solutions (including talent recruitment, training, quality analysis, shift scheduling, continuous optimization, and information security). With this outsourced and professional customer service, Chinese medical suppliers can easily develop quality customer platform in 2-4 weeks, as well as immediately strengthen information communication with global customers through phone, SMS, email, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and In-App IM. This customizable and professional customer service with a preeminent technology platform and comprehensive talent team allows the organization to continue improving products and optimizing global brand and customer experience. The professional after-sales service includes product delivery notifications, order confirmations, package tracking, reduce negative reviews, increase credit rating, complaint management, and returns.

The professional Medical industry customer service and product consultation team are comprised of multilingual experts, specializing in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, and Arabic etc.. The non-professional customer service (for instance, inadequate communication, overabundant product inquiries, long response time due to time differences, and long service cycle) is less likely to gain recognition domestically and internationally. It is challenging for local corporations to recruit talents specialized in minority languages who can answer customer inquiries natively and accurately, which might lead to increasing returns, rejections, complaints, and a decline in brand reputation. Interactions and expressive support are required to be facilitated between distributor-based medical apparatus enterprises and the dealer, as well as a professional and effective overseas customer service team.

A global, omnichannel, and comprehensive CRM platform is incredibly crucial for the long-term improvement of medical suppliers’ online customer service and the positive feedback cycle between product and marketing departments. For instance, automatic SMS notifications enable customers to track logistics status from ordering, shipping, to delivery. Another example includes the mutual agreed data collection during customers’ conversation with the customer service representative, obtaining customer’s family consumption background, location, general inquiries, and common technical problems. The medical enterprise can then perform statistical analysis on the big data collected and further modify a more accurate user portraits, and research and development process.

To conclude, engaging with sophisticated and professional global contact center provider and is the best way for medical supply corporations to quickly develop a global customer service total solution. By outsourcing to a professional global contact center operation team, who specialized in customer experience consultation,can customize telecommunication solutions and can quickly deploy cloud-based platform and efficiently establish a customer service talent team globally ,Chinese medical supply companies successfully and promptly build an outstanding customer experience domestically and internationally, and achieve long-term brand recognition.


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