Outsourcing is your business’ best chance to conquer the Korean market

Outsourcing is your business’ best chance to conquer the Korean market


South Korea has been an Asian economic superpower for many decades and it’s not surprising that thousands of investors from all over the world have found refuge in the country’s stable economy and interesting market.
While some of the growing foreign businesses found success in tapping into the Korean market, many were not fortunate enough because they failed to address two crucial factors: the country’s business culture and the consumer’s buying behavior.

Responding to the demands of a unique market by Outsourcing

If you’re planning to venture into the dynamic East Asian business arena, it’s important that you understand your market. Here are some of the unique characteristics of the Korean consumers that you should know about.

Koreans value the importance of time and efficiency

They subscribe to what is known as the “Ppalli-ppalli culture” (translated as “hurry, hurry”), highlighting the importance of productivity, or just simply getting the job done as quickly as possible. This shared sense of urgency makes Korean customers one of the most demanding in the market, expecting businesses to respond to their needs with speed and efficiency.
That’s why it’s important to invest in an outsourced call center trained to deliver the best and fastest services designed to satisfy Korean customers.

Koreans are naturally sleepless, spending more time socializing

Most Korean businesses are open past bedtime hours because customers are almost always flocking to establishments like coffee shops, karaoke houses and bars – even during late nights and early morning hours.
For many business owners, these circumstances can be easily turned into profits. For an international business, such opportunity can only be possible if you have a 24×7 call center ready to serve customers every minute of the day.

Koreans like to stay connected

This East Asian nation is actually one of the most connected countries in the world. In fact, their active online population is outstanding that you can see almost everyone on the street staring at their smartphones.
This gives them easy access to the most popular social media platforms online and their massive number have the power to make or break a business. This is because most of the Korean consumers are vocal when it comes to their experience on products and services they avail.

Koreans are genuinely nationalistic

Koreans are genuinely loyal to their country and this includes their refusal to fully use English as their number one medium of communication in business and entertainment.
This factor showcases the importance of foreign businesses to address and serve Korean customers in their native language.

The strategic benefits of outsourcing

South Korea has a highly competitive business environment and understanding their specific customer and business cultures are your first and only chance to get ahead. How? Hire the right people – and the answer is in outsourcing your business services, sales and support to a Korean call center.
Aside from offering 24×7 call center services that can cater to your customers, relying on the expertise of an outsourcing call center team can help you fully understand the market and appropriately respond to the specific demands and attitudes of your target consumers.


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