The Enhancing of Chinese Brand Global Customer Experiences Through Global Communication Solutions

The Enhancing of Chinese Brand Global Customer Experiences Through Global Communication Solutions

Global Customer service

Cross-border e-commerce sellers who are committed to the branding, digitalization, and globalization of Chinese enterprises have already possessed prospective awareness and have deployed overseas customer communication solutions in advance that enhance their brands’ global customer experience. Callnovo Contact Center – a global operation team for customer service outsourcing solutions – is dedicated to bringing high added-value to companies with global brand awareness and global vision.

Kasumi Wu, a customer success manager for Callnovo Contact Center’s Global Customer Service Operations, is proficient in English, Japanese, and Mandarin, with over ten years of experience in foreign trade and management; she pays particular attention to details, service quality, and efficiency in communications. Regarding a recent corporation with a well-known cross-border e-commerce brand in Shenzhen, she is chiefly responsible for overseas customer service and technical support outsourcing solutions in the North American and European markets. She specializes in providing support to international and domestic e-commerce sellers which includes the following:

  • screening high-quality customer service personnel,
  • assisting the successful launching of products, customer service soft skills, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) training,
  • promoting the application and activation of international and domestic toll-free numbers in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, and other European countries, and
  • promoting and optimizing the CRM process in the American, Canadian, British, and German consumer markets.

Kasumi devotes extra attention and sufficient time and energy to cultivating overseas call centers – especially for start-ups and new Amazon e-commerce independent sellers – bringing high-performance and efficient customer service to customers globally, as well as motivating and supervising the continuous progress and development of each team.

Nationally well-known cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Shenzhen, as well as Callnovo Contact Center’s long-term VIP customers, have been focusing on the strategic transformation of Chinese corporate branding, digitalization, and globalization in the current and steady development process which also has been known by the industry as the go-to overseas incubator and accelerator for Chinese corporate brands. These enterprises focus on the Amazon agency operation of cross-border e-commerce in the United States and Europe. Callnovo Contact Center – an uppermost global customer contact center in China – is collaborating with these forward-looking cross-border e-commerce agency operators together to advance the globalization of Chinese cross-border brands.

Brand globalization does not happen overnight – as it requires long-term operations; it involves all aspects of business operations – including global customer experiences. The design and implementation of the global customer experience program and the customer contact center are other complex and professional fields which involve recruitment, training, operation, management, optimization, CRM software, communication systems, and artificial intelligence. With over 16 years of experience, Callnovo Contact Center specializes in global call centers with more than 10 operation teams around the world that can offer professional customer service talents in over 35 languages (such as: English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, etcetera).

Kasumi: “I am responsible for deploying and implementing customer service and technical support outsourcing solutions for innovative Chinese brands in North America and Europe, as well as ensuring successful long-term operations and sustainable global overseas customer service.”

In comparison to other domestic customer service outsourcing service providers, Callnovo Contact Center consists of the following three characteristics:

  • Native-Speaking and Localized Customer Service
    • In terms of cultural and linguistical perspectives, Callnovo can understand customers‘ demands concisely and provide quick and effective solutions. Take a project I am responsible for as an example: Mauricio, a customer service representative of that provides solutions for WIFI Extenders (WIFI Wireless Signal Extender) in the UK and US markets; he not only successfully practices a native English tongue – but, he is also patient in responding to customers. As he is familiar with American housing, lifestyle, and communication patterns, he can provide solutions to every incoming consumer’s demands quickly and thoughtfully. He also receives excellent records in the Callnovo Contact Center’s monthly Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) assessment for customer service.
  • Multilingual Customer Service
    • Jorge, a South American customer service representative in charge of the wireless router project in the US market, possesses native-speaking bilingual English and Spanish abilities; as has been observed from his quality inspection recordings, he has received calls from American Spanish-speaking consumers who were have shown as not being fluent in English and who have sought instructions to debug router equipment. In each known instance, he immediately communicated with customers using Spanish – which not only gives customers a strong sense of brand intimacy and trust – but, which also helps such consumers to quickly and effectively resolve technical failures and problems under barrier-free communication.
  • High Degree of Cooperation
    • During an actual online customer service operation, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the total number of representatives, the service coverage times, and / or the language navigation for Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) in the toll-free telecommunication system; to perfectly meet the actual business needs of the company, Callnovo Contact Center can expeditiously cooperate with the brand to make dynamic adjustments in 95% of the cases.

“If a brand chooses an inappropriate overseas customer service outsourcer, it may face a substantial cost loss – and it may even affect the brand image and store profits; therefore, it is important to partner with customer service outsourcers wisely.”

If an unsuitable customer service outsourcing company is selected, the company may encounter the following problems:

  • Security Risks with Regards to the Leaking of Customer Information and Data
    • The long-term industry reputations, software system function configurations, and operation processes of system service providers are vital elements that should be considered when selecting customer service outsourcing services; the security and confidentiality of customer information cannot be completely guaranteed and can eventually lead to the leaking of corporate data if customer service outsourcing services are not selected wisely.
  • Difficulty in Managing Outsourced Personnel
    • Cooperating with unprofessional customer service outsourcers compromises the possibility of guaranteeing the effective management of customer service teams remotely; as opposed to the beforementioned, cooperating with professional customer service outsourcers guarantees that one-on-one customer success managers are properly assigned to communicate and resolve problems which in-turn creates a better overseas customer experience.
  • Uncontrollable Service Quality
    • There is a shortage of local service providers that are proficient in overseas customer service operations and management; at present, most overseas merchants look for service providers that outsource customer service – however, due to various reasons, professional and reliable services that are familiar with overseas customer service technology and operations are difficult to find – which leads to difficulties in controlling service quality.
  • Difficulty in Enhancing Corporate Brand Images
    • Unclear information, chaotic operations, and confusing responsibilities occur commonly in self-operated customer service companies, creating a poor corporate image for customers.
  • Challenges in Diversified Customer Contact Channels
    • During the digital era, answering and receiving calls are no longer the only way to assist customers; due to the independence of multi-channel consultations and responses, data sharing cannot be achieved – therefore, data and information sharing between different channels is synchronized manually – which leads to a long response time. In addition to this, repetitive consulting work also reduces overall efficiency.

“High-quality customer service is the best brand for an enterprise; I am very proud of the global operation team for customer service outsourcing solutions that I lead which brings high added-values to Chinese companies with global brand awareness and global vision.”

Here are the comparative advantages of Callnovo Contact Center’s global customer service outsourcing solutions:

  • Enhance each Brand’s Professional Image
    • Customer service’s existence is meant for the purpose of solving end-customers’ problems; the education, work background, and hobbies of customer service personnel are deeply considered during Callnovo Contact Center’s recruitment process. customer service personnel receive detailed training on product features and functions before serving customers. Appropriate language improves the shopping experience while a patient-assisting attitude enhances customer service professionalism when solving customer problems; this in-turn heightens the overall professional image of the brand. Cross-border e-commerce sellers who are committed to the branding, digitalization, and globalization of Chinese enterprises already possess prospective awareness and deploy overseas customer communication solutions in advance to enhance each brand’s global customer experience.
  • Increase the Possibility of Repurchasing
    • Callnovo’s overseas customer service representatives can respond promptly and answer the challenging questions raised by the customers professionally. When customers receive a defective product, unprofessional customer service may worsen their shopping experience which degrades the overall image of the brand; an earnest and patient service attitude influences customers to revisit the brand. After customers experience professional customer service, their desire to purchase again increases; therefore, the possibility of repurchasing is determined by a professional and thoughtful attitude in handling raised issues.
  • Increase the Conversion Rate of Potential Customers
    • The most important responsibility of pre-sales customer service is to serve customers well. When customers consult product information before purchasing, customer service representatives must provide accurate solutions immediately utilizing a professional attitude. This does not only eliminate customers’ concerns about the product itself but also increases customer purchase rates. Albeit, if representatives do not have a solid knowledge of the products, this will cause the loss of potential customers. To promote sales, representatives must not only have basic product expertise but also utilize a good attitude in providing solutions.
  • Technical Support and the Innovation of Customer Service Platforms
    • With the support and dedication of technical teams, Callnovo Contact Center stands out amongst other customer service outsourcing service providers; our very own CRM system is developed by a strong technical development team, and its design is especially suitable for Chinese companies going overseas. Our CRM system can be quickly launched and customized according to the requirements of each brand. The powerful CRM operation platform system can also strengthen daily management and improve the overall work efficiency of customer service personnel.
  • Reduce Operating Costs
    • Callnovo’s customer service representatives are strictly screened and interviewed during the initial recruitment process; we not only contract experienced professionals – but, each customer service professional possesses bilingual or even multilingual capabilities which shows that one expert is better than two to three professional foreign representatives. With a complete training and assessment system, each customer service representative’s professional knowledge and serving awareness can be guaranteed, achieving the lowest operating cost.

The customer service outsourcing model can not only reduce the cost of labor – but, it also eliminates the time needed for recruitment, training, and supervision; enterprises can then allocate more resources to optimizing and updating products and promotion projects so that they may enhance their competitive advantages and steadily increase market shares.


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