[Case Study] How can the future electronic component industry effectively outsource its customer service?

Review: As domestic electronic components gradually enter the era of low profits, cross-border e-commerce exports have begun to guide more and more electronic component suppliers to embrace the “Internet + industry” to enter the overseas market. By 2018, the online trading model has become an important development direction and trend in the field of electronic components export sales. However, after successfully landing multiple channels, such as channel, payment, logistics and warehousing, many cross-border e-commerce platforms with long-term strategic vision began to pay attention to the last stop of brand outbound outsource customer service.

Introduction of Industry Customer

Utsource is a classic example of the “Internet + Industry” cross-border e-commerce world. Due to global development and imbalanced demand, some overseas companies have less than one demand for spare parts, and there is no platform on the market to access all industrial products. Utsource is a B2B and B2C e-commerce platform for the procurement of electronic components, which meets the needs of different levels of overseas users, and helps overseas small and medium-sized enterprises, after-sales maintenance platforms, foreign makers, electronic enthusiasts and other users to solve the problematic requirements of authentic electronic components, as well as providing them with a platform to buy high quality electronic parts with low-price. At present, there are more than 6,000 suppliers worldwide, with more than 1.4 million products and nearly 2 million SKUs on the platform and basic coverage of the electronics industry is 80%.Both mainstream and eliminated parts and components all can be found on the platform. Currently, its global market layout mainly covers markets in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, with users in 191 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, and Italy.

Hidden Risk of After-sales

Behind the powerful layout and rapid development of Utsource, there are some after-sales issues that limit the relationship between the enterprise and the end user, because the brand image is difficult to cultivate and maintain, the order conversion rate is low, and user feedback is blocked.

For buyers from different parts of the world, one of the most important criteria for deciding  a purchasing platform is whether the e-commerce platform or website has professional online customer service or after-sales channels that can protect its interests. With the Utsource platform, users can place orders themselves, but there are always times when they need answers to their questions. Customer service may handle requests from the English-speaking market, but when they face consumer groups in large languages such as the European Union or minority languages such as Southeast Asia, the market needs strong customer service language skills and Chinese-level outbound companies .If the enterprise often fails to respond in time, it will lead to the loss of potential customers, and moreover, in the cruel market competition environment, it might even lead to the decline of business in the language market.

In addition, the limited after-sales channel and customer response time lag is the pain point of Utsourse. As a traditional way of selling foreign trade, the usual after-sales channel of Utsourse is e-mail. Since Chinese domestic customer service representatives usually work only 6-7 hours, plus the time difference between China and other countries, by using email as a single means of communication. On the one hand, the response time cannot be determined. On the other hand, the problem cannot be clearly expressed through the text, especially in the case of logistics and payment problems, and using email for processing and follow-up alone not only extend the trading cycle but also greatly reduces the Customer Experience.

E-commerce is indispensable for customer service

In recent years, Utsource has been continuously improving, especially the related policies triggered by Trump in 2018 led to the trend of US manufacturing reflow, which has brought a sense of urgency to electronic component manufacturers, requiring them to improve their overseas customer service system as soon as possible, and seize the international market. They realized in the operation of thousands of orders that product sales did not mean that the entire sales process had ended. There are still many problems and demands that need to be resolved by the customer service team throughout the transaction. Otherwise, they may lose their customers due to negligence. At the same time, classic marketing believes that the essential and long-term impact on sales occurs before and after-sales.

Therefore, in addition to being a sales platform for electronic components, Utsource also hopes to provide after-sales service and technical support to help the platform win the trust and favor of suppliers and end users with various choices Utilizing overseas third-party outsourcing customer service providers is a useful measure and strategy for cross-border e-commerce to open up overseas markets because they can help you achieve localized customer service and easy management goals. Callnovo, the global multilingual customer service contact center, offers a powerful bilingual outsourcing solution in English and Spanish for Utsource’s European market.

Cooperation and Scheme

In October 2018, Callnovo one-stop customer service outsourcing experts team partners with Utsource officially and directly attacked the above pain points through accurate pre-sales cousulting, sales service, and technical support solutions.

1. 800 Free Customer Service Hotline

In today’s fast-paced era, calling customer service and listing all issues by phone seems to be the most direct way for consumers to encounter product problems, and the best ideal service is to address all the obstacles consumers face on the spot, as the time of the consumer is extremely valuable. In many cases, if the same question is communicated by email, the sender and recipient may need to reply more than three times to be clear. In this fast-moving era of e-commerce, e-mail is no longer the best way to communicate. An efficient customer service hotline can retain many customers for Chinese companies and develop them into secondary buyers with good ratings and reviews on the e-commerce platform.

Therefore, the first step in cooperation with Utsource, Callnovo helps Utsource quickly apply for 800 toll free number. Callnovo will host communications services through the company’s cloud platform and help customers enjoy the best communication rates for relevant national communications service providers through the latest communications technologies.While assisting Utsource to demonstrate its brand image, it also brought considerable savings to customers. Of particular importance is that the additional communication channel has added that allow buyers to quickly and easily connect with the platform.

2. Customer Service Talent with Professional Quality And Ability

Understandably, if you can call back or respond to a visitor within 5 minutes of receiving an inquiry, the likelihood of achieving the desired goal will be 100 times higher than the response after 30 minutes. Callnovo provides Utsource with a vibrant bilingual English and Spanish customer service team in South America, which means the company offers more opportunities for users in the European market to interact with companies and brands. Correspondingly, when overseas buyers encounter product problems, inventory, delivery dates, logistics information, payment security, preferential information, and after-sales channels when browsing on websites, APPs or even social media platforms, and if they are uncertain about whether they need to consult customer service, there will be sufficient talents to provide timely and unimpeded response and reasonable communication and coordination with clear and complete answers with patient and friendly service attitude. As a result, the service life cycle is effectively shortened while improving the customer service experience, attracting and retaining customers. Currently, the volume of orders on the platform is gradually increasing.

3. One-Stop Multilingual Service

For Chinese companies, they can find outsourcing customer service teams and personnel who are proficient in one or two languages as long as they have sufficient energy and time, However, the most challenging thing is how to find a company that can effectively provide one-stop multilingual customer service solutions when companies plan to expand into other language markets. Callnovo has more than ten workplaces in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, South America, North America, Eastern Europe, and China, responsible for global local customer service and technical support. Utsource’s Spanish is provided from its South American workplace. If Utsource needs to add Japanese, Korean, Malay, and Arabic customer service teams, customers no longer need to find a second customer service outsourcing company. They only need to replicate Callnovo training, operations management and other aspects to provide one-stop customer service requirements in more than 30 languages, including pre-sales consultation, product installation troubleshooting, after-sales complaints and other issues to save company tremendous amount of time and management costs.

4.Solve the Pain Point of “Chinese Employees Are Not Willing to Work Evening Shift” with Ease

Callnovo is a 24X7 round-the-clock call center where customers can consult and apply for after-sales at any time via an online chat interface, direct phone call or email with a customer service representative and technical support representative. Utsource delegates the main daytime work schedule for the service area to Callnovo South America through customer service outsourcing. The well-trained Callnovo customer service representative can take on the evening shifts from domestic colleagues so that the company can quickly provide 24/7 customer service to users and buyers.

Although the project is still in the early stages of its operations, Utsource said it is considering continuing to use Callnovo to gradually build more customer service teams, use more than a dozen languages, and gradually move the company from platform to service.This will be a great recognition and encouragement of the value that Callnovo brought in just over two months.

Under the new market opportunity, cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurs hope to choose high-end, export-oriented customer service providers to cope with the expansion of overseas markets. Callnovo insists on flexible and in-depth cooperation based on the customer’s business needs, providing the last-stop quality customer service resources for all Chinese brands, providing professional customer service, especially a complete emergency demand solution, which will help you to follow other potential overseas markets while gaining a foothold in major markets such as Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

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