The Importance of an Omni-Channel Contact Center to a Brands’s Global Strategy

Amazon recently banned many Ecommerce sellers for generating fake reviews for their products – a well-known industry secret. This blockade pushed many global e-Commerce brands to pursue a different path. These brands are now collaborating with an omni-channel contact center, working to develop unique brand premiums and independence to build their own identity outside of the Amazon platform, which requires improved products and services from the e-Commerce sellers. They are looking to build brand-owned sites outside of the e-Commerce platform.

Callnovo recognizes that successful international brands are becoming increasingly reliant on outstanding customer service centers to provide excellent support to their customers. Through superb customer care and reliable service, Callnovo, via its omni-channel contact center solutions, helps global businesses to develop long-term customer loyalty and increase their financial benefits, as well as provide unparalleled services for all brands and customers.

The Requirement for an Omnichannel Contact Center

In the current, technologically-driven world of direct brand sales driven by the Internet and globalization, an omni-channel contact center is vital for brands to enhance the customer care experience. With the development of new technology, customers and businesses now have more than one channel to communicate on, so the deployment of a contact center cannot be limited to only one channel. Customers may use different channels based on their personal preference or convenience, and multiple channels allow customers more ways of connecting with brands, as well as allowing brands to assist more customers, A globalized omnichannel customer service solution is the only way to truly satisfy all customers. For example, customers in the US and UK have at least five contact channels with companies (inbound/outbound calling, SMS text messaging, email, live chat, and social media). They expect to be connected smoothly, thoroughly, and consistently over these five communication channels. If brands can achieve this goal, it will naturally boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Callnovo’s Experience in the U.S. and U.K.

According to Callnovo’s service experience in the American and British sectors, omni-channel customer service has a wide range of benefits. These primarily include: the long-term development of the company, the building of the brand image, and the cultivation of consumer loyalty. For retailers’ customer support systems, an omni-channel service experience is becoming the standard. This experience has the following effects:

  • Enhance the Customer Care Experience

Old customers expect the same or familiar customer service agents to deliver timely support through every channel. Brands’ multichannel service can help old customers reach a familiar CSR promptly. They will not have to worry about being unable to identify the customer support representative they want despite switching technology or communication channels. Omnichannel systems provide convenience and reliability to customers.

  • Improve Customer Service Efficiency

Consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom give up services when customer service channels are busy or there are long waiting times. This may cause many customers to seek products from other similar competing brands. If the seller only has a single after-sales hotline and cannot provide fast service, unsatisfactory customer experiences may damage the brand’s relationship with their customers and cause them to turn to competitors. Few consumers will complain about the service effectiveness of brands that provide multi-channel services. Deploying omni-channel solutions allows brands to provide continuous expert service and retain customer loyalty.

  • Growth of Corporate Financial Benefits

Few American and/or British organizations provided omnichannel customer service solutions a decade ago. Nowadays, most organizations now provide their consumers with an omni-channel customer support experience. Those who provided high-quality service had significantly higher revenue growth than businesses that only offered a single telephone service hotline. The value of omni-channel customer service experiences is clearly reflected in the financial growth of companies that have integrated it.

The Benefits of an Omni-Channel Contact Center

A small demonstration of Callnovo’s Cloud-based SaaS CRM and Communications Platform.

Callnovo has built native language and English customer service ​​centers for many well-known companies through its global customer service team. These businesses understand that providing high-quality omni-channel customer service may significantly increase customer service efficiency and experiences. Callnovo’s omni-channel system helps these corporations’ global profitability to increase and their brand loyalty to grow in various countries. Deploying exceptional omni-channel services has become a critical step for many businesses in gaining user support and developing a high-quality service brand image. There are numerous other benefits of deploying an omnichannel service center:

  • Brands with omni-channel service have a 90% higher client retention rate than those with only single service channels.
  • The product sales of multichannel retailers are 230% higher than those of single-channel retailers, and the order conversion rate is 20% higher.
  • The number of client inquiries grows by an average of 30% for each customer assistance channel given.

Criteria Required for Contact Centers

Contact centers must be technologically-advanced and have proper training in customer service soft skills. Proper training in interpersonal skills for your customer service staff is essential if you want your representatives to provide efficient and consistent quality service. Professional soft-skills training can teach people how to utilize a genuine and passionate tone to show empathy and willingness to listen. This will increase customer service quality and form the image of a service-oriented organization.

Three young, female customer service agents provide for globally-expanding eCommerce brands’ customers friendly, professional service.

A technologically-leading contact center will also ensure a smooth and effective service experience. These advanced technologies speed up customer service efficiency, save customers time, and provide them with a seamless experience across channels. The following functionalities are essential for your contact center:

  • An advanced CRM platform that allows customer service reps to comprehensively analyze client data to improve the customer care experience.
  • Aggregate data on consumer satisfaction and their experiences from various channels.

Intelligent self-service technology can receive visiting customers 24/7, address common fundamental customer problems through an intelligent knowledge base or application, and provide seamless multi-channel customer reception in collaboration with human customer service.


Omni-channel contact center services are necessary for brands looking to globally-expand. Callnovo has vast e-commerce experience via their global customer service outsourcing solutions. This internationally-leading call center provides an omni-channel, multilingual contact center experience with its CRM customer service system, helping organizations of all types to implement superior customer service and help customers get the care they need.

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