Philippines Call Center vs. India – Which Should You Choose?

Philippines Call Center

There was a time, even as recently as just a few years ago, when India cornered the market on outsourced call center services. The Philippines has since taken over as the call center capital of the world, and for many valid reasons. If you’re considering whether to outsource your customer service, sales, or tech support […]

Why Outsourcing to a Philippines Call Center is a Smart Business Decision

Outsourcing to a Philippines Call Center

We’ve all heard the well-worn clichés about the infamous Indian call center agents. Sure, they may answer and introduce themselves with a common American name, but the tell-tale accent is unmistakable. This, among many other reasons, is why so many organizations choose to outsource their call center operations to the Philippines. Not only do the […]

4 Reasons Why Outsourcing is a Good Business Decision

Outsourcing is a Good Business Decision

  In the past, outsourcing to a call center was frowned upon, as people believed that it simply was not necessary and was nothing more than a cheap tactic designed to save money. Nowadays, outsourcing is considered an important part of the business world, which is why English call center owners and Philippines call center […]