How IVR has Evolved from Traditional Button-based Menu Mazes to Natural Voice Navigation to Enhance Overseas Customer Service Experience via Toll-Free Numbers


Regardless of whether cross-border e-commerce enterprises or SMEs, products that are sold to the US market through online marketplaces, for instance Amazon or independent e-commerce sites, are required to be equipped with an English after-sales customer service system to meet the demands of the local market. In the era of global Mobile Internet and social media, various customer service support channels are widely used, for instance, emails, Facebook platform, and online chats. However, toll-free numbers are still indispensable and commonly used as customer communication channels, as well as an important carrier for brands to deliver consumer experience to customers in the US. The toll-free numbers with high-performance IVR voice navigation is the most important element that enhances the overall quality and brand image of the overseas cross-border marketplaces.

The Major Defect of the Conventional Button-based Menu IVR (Voice Navigation):

Although the traditional button-based IVR menu is commonly used by the US contact center, most Americans do not like using it, according to a research study related to the exploration of American consumers, conducted by McKinsey & Company in 2019. To rephrase, the complex voice navigation menu hierarchy is often accidentally designed into a maze. A high percentage of American consumers are used to repeatedly pressing zero to talk to an actual human being who can solve their problems, after dialing the toll-free numbers. The enterprises need to rethink: how to provide the best customer experience for IVR voice navigation?

Replacing Button-based Naviation with AI Artificial Natural Language:

Strategically integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language into the IVR voice navigation technology can drastically improved the above problems mentioned. By integrating speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic analysis of natural language and artificial intelligence, CRM database query, and customer information, the AI technology has significantly improved the customers’ service experience and optimize call flows of the customer contact center.

Common navigation scenarios case studies:

A typical cross-border e-commerce customer service scenario, encountered by Callnovo English customer service operation department:

The customer service intelligent system, via toll-free numbers, has welcomed customers directly, “Thank you for calling Colorday (a cross-border e-commerce store), how may I assist you today?”

Incoming customers can directly express their concerns without using the labyrinth button-based IVR Menu.

This also enables American customers to continually raising inquiries verbally, “Hi, I would like to know if someone can instruct me to install the product.”

“I am calling regarding the refund status.”

“I haven’t received the package yet.”

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into an IVR voice navigation system can instantly determine customers’ needs using semantic analysis, while simultaneously transferring the call to the corresponding customer service representative or technical department. The customer’s inquiries and purchase information will then appear on a customer service representative’s work screen, allowing representatives to address the customer’s problems directly and efficiently.

For customer service outsourcing projects with a substantial amount of customer requests and inquiries, it is suggested to configure the contact center with a smart voice navigation that provides fast call resolutions to consumers after querying the data automatically.

For instance, by connecting the IVR customers’ voice requests to the backend database of Amazon sellers, Shopify, logistics, and other offline platforms, the artificial intelligence (AI) can then efficiently inform American consumers of the products’ logistics information and return status via English voice messages or SMS.


From customer service representatives to the latest communication technology applications, the project operation team of Callnovo are detailed orientated and consistently staying in tune, continuously improving the customer service process, and enhancing the customer service communication and system technology. It aims at delivering the most sophisticated, capable, and flexible customer service and experience for every overseas “Made in China” corporations and cross-border marketplaces.

Callnovo is a leading outsourced contact center service provider specializing in customer services and innovative technology for over 16 years. We pioneered the use of leading VoIP, WebRTC, and CRM cloud communication technologies, which has successfully served the following customers: United States Department of State Overseas Consulate Visa Global Customer Service Center, Canadian Immigration Department IRCC Chinese Visa Customer Service Center, US Groupon, US RE/MAX California Real Estate, US Quantum International Corporation, Danish TDC Telecom Group, UK Lycatel Telecom Group, US CBS Interactive Global Media, US Dow Jones & Company Wall Street Journal, Japanese Matsushita Electric, French Louis Vuitton Group, Netherlands VidaXL Group, and India Neeyamo Human Resources.

Since 2008, Callnovo has begun to serve the Chinese market. With its unique strengths in technology, it has successfully served the following Chinese enterprises: Alibaba, SF Express, TP-Link, Liugong, Yutong, Mindray, Zilong Game, WuKong Education, Hofan, Zhi Hui Chuang Ziang, SuperBuy, Zosi, Hao Han, Ying Shi, Dog Care, and Long Sun Optoelectronics, etc.

3 Major Competitive Advantages of Callnovo:

✔ Global Leading Integrating Technology

Utilizing toll-free numbers, two-way SMS numbers, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Amazon, and Shopify, etc. in more than 120 countries globally.

✔ Multilingual Capability and Global Coverage

10 operation centers, 35 languages, covering over 150 countries and regions, serving 5 billion people.

✔ One-to-One Service in China

Offering a one-stop and customized service from business consultation, technology integration, to operation management.


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