How Amazon Cross-Border E-Commencer Adopts Customer Service to Receive Positive Reviews

Amazon Cross-Border e-Commerce

Recently, a humble news from Amazon has caused a great attention of many Amazon cross-border e-commerce sellers. “Important Notice: From December 3rd, Amazon bans requesting positive reviews!”.  This news instantly made headlines on major cross-border e-commerce platforms, and some even named “Desperateness! Amazon bans sellers from contacting consumers, and the journey to evaluation has reached to the […]

What is After Call Work in a Call Center?

Call Work in a Call Center

There is a lot more to working in a call center than simply picking up a phone. After call work (ACW) is every bit as important as the calls themselves, but what exactly is ACW? After-call work involves everything the operator does once the call has ended. Typically, in order to maintain peak efficiency, these […]

What is Average Handle Time in a Call Center?


In the industry of the modern-day call center, there are a lot of buzz terms and metrics in order to gauge effectiveness and handle performance. As the industry becomes more and more competitive it’s important to stay on top of these terms and understand their meaning, value and how to improve upon them. Average handle […]

4 Reasons Why Outsourcing A Call Center Can Work For Your Business

Outsourcing Call Center

Outsourcing your company’s incoming traffic to a call center services company can dramatically increase productivity, lower running costs and help to grow your business. If you’re considering doing so here are just a few reasons it can really help. Leave It To The Experts When you outsource to a call center services company you are […]

Why You Should Outsource To A Bilingual Call Center

Bilingual Call Center

Since the dawn of the digital age, the world has never been closer together. We have truly come together as one global nation and so it’s more important than ever that your business speaks the right language. With the whole world at your feet, why would you want to leave any potential customer out? Outsourcing […]

Why Good Customer Service Should Be A Priority For Your Small Business

Small Business

There is a saying amongst many business owners that 1 happy customer is worth 7 or 8 new sales. Meaning that just 1 sale that results in the customer being satisfied enough to recommend the service and come back again is the best marketing you could ever buy. How do you make sure you’re providing […]

3 Ways to Future-proof Your Call Center

Call Center

The need to future-proof your call center is a necessity given the scale at which technology has been developing. The internet has made it possible for customers to independently learn more about products and services, which, in turn, means that they know what they want and are more demanding about it. Given the ever-evolving nature […]

5 Important Performance Metrics that an Inbound Call Center Should Be Tracking


Modern technology has made it relatively easy for Call Center Managers to determine how well the call center is doing in terms of performance, measurement as well as tracking. However, sifting through the amount of information that’s available can be an overwhelming experience. Reviewing every single metric that’s available is not a very productive use […]

Does a Call Center Need CRM and CTI Capability and Customization?

Call Center

For a call center to run at optimal performance, it must employ all of the tools and technologies available. Two of the most important technologies include CRM (customer relationship management) and CTI (computer telephony integration). Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits these integrations can have for contact center solutions. Streamlined call […]

Attention: e-Commerce Business Owners! Here’s why you Need a Malay Call Center

Malay Call Center

When it comes to shopping, Malaysians are upping their game. In fact, 91% of internet users say they have shopped online for an average of $2000+ per person per year in online spending. Furthermore, Malaysia’s e-commerce spending is expected to double from $1.30 billion in 2015 to $2.44 billion as early as next year. If […]